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Laser technologies in gynecology

Erbium laser Photon (ER:Yag) is used in reconstructive surgeries for the removal of soft tissue, early stage treatment of cervical erosion and urinary incontinence, as well as for narrowing of the uterus.

Urinary incontinence treatment technology (IncontiLase) is the processing of the front wall of the uterus and the urethra in the opening area with a special package pulse with an erbium laser (ER:Yag) in a non-ablative heat mode. The integrity of the mucous membrane is not disturbed. Selective denaturation (swelling) of submucosal collagen occurs during non-ablative laser treatment of urinary incontinence using an erbium laser. Due to the immediate accumulation of collagen fibers and the acceleration of neocollagenesis, tissue lifting and elasticity increase. The procedure area is gradually accumulated and compressed, thereby supporting the bladder and, as a result, reducing the symptoms of stress urinary incontinence.

IntimaLase is a laser technology used for uterine contractions in the treatment of uterine prolapse syndrome.

Special hot packet pulses of the ER:Yag laser affect the lining of the uterus and the collagen-rich parietal fascia of the pelvis. Laser pulses provide immediate heating of the submucosal layer without damaging the mucous membrane. Thermal energy not only improves the structure of collagen, but also stimulates neocollagenesis. As a result, collagen becomes 2/3 thicker than its previous length. When collagen is heated, collagen immediately accumulates, fibers thicken and thicken, and tissues in the procedure area accumulate and become dense.

In addition to the reaction of immediate accumulation of collagen, collagen renewal and neocollagenesis processes are activated in tissues. As a result of these processes, the tissue is enriched with new, young collagen and becomes elastic. The tone of the uterus increases, the symptoms of uterine prolapse syndrome disappear.