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Keratosis - sometimes called "chicken skin", is a common skin condition that causes bumps on the skin. These little bumps or pimples are actually dead skin cells that block hair follicles. Sometimes they appear red or brown.

Keratosis pilaris usually occurs on the upper arms, thighs, cheeks, or buttocks. It is not contagious and these bumps usually do not cause any discomfort or itching.

There is no cure for this harmless, genetic skin condition, but there are some ways to treat it or prevent it from getting worse. Keratosis pilaris usually clears up naturally by the age of 30.

The most noticeable symptom of keratosis pilaris is its appearance. Bumps on the skin look like goose bumps or torn chicken skin. For this reason, it is commonly known as "chicken skin".

Other symptoms associated with it are:

  • slight pinkness or redness around the bumps
  • itching, irritated skin
  • dry skin
  • bumps that feel like sandpaper
  • bumps that can appear in different colors depending on skin tone (skin-colored, white, red, pink, brown, or black)