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Amateur tattoo - usually inserted into the skin with a metal wire or needle. Charcoal or pencil ink is used as a pigment. The pigment is injected to different depths and consists of smaller particles.

Professional tattoo - this type of tattoo is done very deep and very tight with a special gun. Metal-organic dyes are usually used when applying these tattoos.

Cosmetic tattoo (permanent make-up) - the contours of eyelashes, muscles, lips are applied using various dyes. Such tattoos are more superficial and the color is sparser.

Traumatic tattoo - as a result of trauma, various colored substances (gunpowder, explosives, etc.) enter the skin, and after the wound heals, it remains under the skin and appears as a tattoo. The depth of color is different and more sparse.

Medical tattoo - it is made for the purpose of camouflage, so that the unpleasant remains or scars that have arisen at the site of various diseases are not visible. The tattoo surface is sparse and mascara is used as a colorant.

Various tattoo artists:

  • Brown - ocher
  • Yellow - cadmium-sulphide, ocher, yellow; curcumin
  • Blue - cobalt aluminate
  • Green - chromium oxide
  • Red - mercury sulfide, cadmium selenite
  • Pink - pink potassium permanganate
  • White - titanium dioxide, zinc oxide
  • Dark red (lip tattoo) - Iron oxide
  • Black professional - carbon, iron oxide

There are several types of tattoo removal:

  • laser removal
  • surgical excision
  • dermabrasion