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Structure of feathers

Hairs are one of the skin growths in dermatology. Apart from some parts, 99% of the surface of the skin is covered with hair follicles. In some areas, these hairs develop, in other places they are very sparse or not visible. The part of the hair that comes out of the skin is called the core, and the part inside the skin is called the root. The root of the hair is surrounded by the hair follicle. The main point in hair transplantation is the transfer of the hair follicle from one area to another. The transfer of the hair follicle sac is the most important condition in hair transplantation.

Feathers are divided into 3 parts according to their structure

  • fine (fine hair on arms, legs and other areas)
  • cod (mustache, beard, armpit and pubic hair)
  • long (hairy part of the head)

Hair Loss (Alopecia)

Alopecia is a pathological loss of hair. It is caused by various diseases or physiological processes. Scarring and non-scarring forms of alopecia exist. Scarless hair loss is divided into several types

  • alopecia areata
  • androgenetic alopecia
  • diffuse alopecia