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4D rejuvenation

Fotona 4D is a complex of non-invasive laser skin renewal methods. Photona 4D is a method of laser technology used externally and internally for the purpose of renewing the collagen framework of the middle and lower 1/3 of the face. As a result, skin tone and moisture are restored along with a noticeable volume effect.

2 wavelengths of laser radiation (ER:Yag and ND:Yag) and 4 patented laser technologies are a unique complex of anti-age (anti-aging) procedures in the superficial, middle and deep connective tissue structures of the skin. Procedures are performed sequentially without anesthesia. A complex of photon 4D procedures is more effective than monoprocedures, such as fractional laser polishing. The rehabilitation period does not exceed 48 hours. Photona 4D procedures can be performed all year round.

Photona 4D photona is performed on SP Dynamis/Spectro systems

  1. SmoothLifting – application of the patented Fotona SMOOTH(R) technology. It is a revolutionary method of non-ablative effect of ER:Yag laser on cheek and perioral area for stimulation of neocollagenesis. The effect of smoothing and volumizing wrinkles is similar to the effect of injecting dermal fillers. The technology is implemented with a full and fractional laser beam.
  2. FRAC3(R) – the small-point coagulation effect of the drug is achieved by a very strong pulse of the ND:Yag laser of the target tissues. Coagulation islands are equally located in the superficial and middle layers of the dermis. As a result, especially in defect areas, the maximum regeneration of the dermis occurs. FRAC3 technology can be applied both as a single rejuvenation procedure and as part of a combined methodology. As a result of the procedure, tissue tone, moisture and density are restored.
  3. PIANO(R) – ND:Yag laser's unique very long packet pulse allows uniform and homogeneous heating of tissues at a depth of 6-7 mm. Very long pulse tissues provide conditions for transferring a large amount of heat painlessly and obtaining a biorevitalization effect. The surface, middle and deep layers of the dermis are renewed.
  4. Superficial is a patented surface polishing procedure using cold laser peeling technology. The method of changing the reflection of light from the skin due to the elimination of the stratum corneum of the epidermis. It is performed with a full or fractional laser beam. Manual manipulation and scanner are used in the field. The SupErficial procedure can be applied both independently and as a stage of combined technology.