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Fotona Star Walker MaQX

It is a unique hybrid laser platform capable of delivering a picosecond pulse (580 psec) in high energy mode (1600 mj) regardless of the size of the working spot (20 mm).

When standard lasers operate in the picosecond (450-700 psec) mode, the worker loses more than 50% of the energy when the spot grows. This leads to more procedures when treating large tattoos and melasma. The special, patented TMD laser resonator uses a unique hybrid picosecond pulse mode. allows applying it in a nanoimpulse structure. Thanks to the revolutionary ASP technology, Star Walker 10J can deliver Q-Switched energy to the skin in one giant MaQX pulse.

Star Walker MaQX unique technology generates a high-energy photoacoustic effect, allowing for more effective and faster treatment in the treatment area.

In addition, MaQX makes it possible to use a larger spot size at high energy, which helps the deeper pigment work more homogeneously and without additional unpleasant effects.

Main advantages

3rd generation ASP technology for maximum accuracy, efficiency and security:

A wide range of procedures including MaQX, VERDE, FRAC3 and VERSA3 modes and for the treatment of pigment, blood vessels and collagen. A set of advanced intellectual manipulations.

Fotonaa Star Walker MaQX features 4 wavelengths:

  • 1064 nm ND:Yag – for treatment and elimination of dark pigments;
  • 532 nm KTP – for removing lighter pigments, brown, pink, orange tattoos;
  • 650 nm – for the treatment of green tattoos;
  • 585 nm – for the treatment of blue tattoos and vascular pathologies;

This optimal selection of wavelengths helps to treat multiple pigmented and vascular lesions, as well as difficult colored tattoos. In addition, Accelera and QX Max technologies enable safe and effective implementation of other aesthetic procedures such as hair removal, acne treatment, etc.


  • Removal of tattoos;
  • Treatment of acne and hyperpigmentation;
  • Treatment of vascular pathologies;
  • Ablation and non-ablation rejuvenation;
  • Carbon peeling;
  • Hair removal, etc.