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Laser treatment of snoring

Laser treatment of soft and hard tissue derivatives

Snoring is a common sleep disorder associated with breathing.

Snoring occurs when the flow of air through the mouth and nose becomes difficult. These are caused by allergic diseases and sinusitis of the respiratory tract, deformities, nasal polyps, weak tone of the throat and tongue, large throat tissues, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, and long soft palate or larynx.

Most people who snore suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). In OSA, breathing stops due to repeated closure of the upper airways during sleep. Symptoms of OSA include snoring, sleep disturbances, choking, reflux, nocturia, and sweating. Studies have shown that OSA multiplies the risk of stroke or death from other causes.

Many patients with snoring and sleep apnea experience daytime insomnia, headaches, sexual dysfunction, memory impairment, and hallucinations.

NightLase procedure

Fotona company has developed NightLase technology using Er:YAG laser for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. The procedure is non-invasive and is based on photothermal hardening of the surrounding tissues of the tongue, soft palate and nasopharynx.

Laser energy is delivered to the nasopharynx by a special PS03 head of Er:YAG laser with a wavelength of 2940 nm. At this time, the collagen in the mucous membrane is thickened and further synthesized due to the heat energy of lazein.

There is no need to take any anesthesia or medication before the procedure. After the procedure, the patient returns to his daily life. No special treatment and care is required.