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Laser treatment of wine stain

Treatment of wine stain with the Candella Vbeam Perfecta laser is considered the "gold standard" in the treatment of this disease. This laser provides safe treatment by effectively eliminating vascular defects. The risk of complications and scarring in the procedure area was minimal.

The Candella Vbeam Perfecta laser affects the problem area with micropulses. The wavelength is chosen so that the radiation is absorbed by the oxyhemoglobin inside the capillaries without damaging the vessel wall. The heating of oxyhemoglobin leads to the collapse of the inner wall of the vessels, the stoppage of blood circulation and adhesion of pathological vessels.

The age of the patient, the phototype of the skin and the depth of the vessels are not important in the treatment of the wine stain with Candella Vbeam Perfecta. The laser is equipped with a dynamic cooling system (DSD), which makes the procedure comfortable. Additional local anesthesia may be used at the request of the patient.

To get a good result, it is necessary to start treating the wine stain as soon as possible. Candella Vbeam Perfecta is used to treat wine stain even in 1-month-old children. The number of sessions is selected individually for each patient and depends on the size and density of the vein.