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Laser polishing


  • curvature of the skin relief;
  • skin is hard and porous;
  • all types of wrinkles;
  • pale skin color;
  • leg wrinkles;
  • lack of precision of the face oval;
  • scars, stretch marks;

Nowadays, laser polishing, the most modern technology of laser cosmetology, can help to solve all these problems. This is truly a laser rejuvenation method that ensures radical renewal of the skin. You can increase your youth by 5, 10 or even 15 years through laser polishing.

The course of the laser polishing procedure:

Laser resurfacing – CO2 and ER:Oil laser is a method of skin rejuvenation and smoothing.

This is the most optimal method to achieve skin rejuvenation without going to a plastic surgeon. The laser polishing procedure is carried out under precise control of the depth of the laser beam, which helps reduce complications to zero.

The essence of the laser polishing procedure:

Rejuvenation: during the laser polishing procedure, the surface layer of the skin is vaporized by the laser beam and the deep layers are heated, the skin is lifted and the skin relief is smoothed.

During the procedure, keratinized cells are destroyed, collagen and elastin fibers are synthesized. As a result, the skin becomes smoother, wrinkles disappear, the optical properties of the skin improve, lifting occurs.

Treatment of scars: during laser polishing, evaporation of the surface layers of the skin in the area of the scar occurs, as a result, the scar becomes smooth and practically invisible.

Treatment of stretch marks (stria): during the procedure, the laser beam vaporizes the connective tissue that creates the stretch marks, and at the same time, it activates the processes for the formation of new and smooth skin. As a result, the stretch marks are not felt.

Recovery period:

During the healing period (7-14 days), the skin darkens first, then the crusts completely fall off in 1-2 weeks.

Number of procedures:

A one-time procedure


1-3 years