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Candella Gentle Lase Pro


  • Laser epilation;
  • Treatment of pigment spots;

Benefits for your patient:

  • Short duration of the procedure;
  • High efficiency, immediate result;
  • Minimal risk and discomfort;

In the market of equipment used for hair removal, no laser can perform better than the Candela GentleLase Pro-U laser in terms of speed and efficiency. According to most experts, it is the Candela GentleLase Pro-U that is considered the quality benchmark and gold standard of laser hair removal. This device provides maximum protection against personnel errors with a smart interface, high reliability and ease of use.

Advantages of the Candela Gentle Lase Pro-U laser

  • Increasing the frequency of pulses up to 10 Hs allows to shorten the duration of the procedure and serve more patients.
  • The 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 22 and 24 mm working spots of the GentleLase Pro-U laser allow faster treatment of the procedure area.
  • Sapphire glasses last 5 times longer than ordinary protective glasses.

Candella Gentle Lase Pro-U cooling system

The optional cooling system makes GentleLase Pro-U unique among other alexandrite laser systems. Candella GentleLase Pro-U has two cooling systems – air ACC (Air Cooling Compatible™) and dynamic cooling system DCD (Dynamic Cooling Device™) that works with cryogen.

The patented Dynamic Cooling System (DCD) is a gradual, low-temperature cooling that allows you to control the interval - called cryogen injection into the skin. Before and after the laser procedure, a small dose of cryogen is injected into the skin and the skin is cooled to the optimal temperature. All this minimizes the discomfort of the patient, while at the same time allows you to increase strength without injury.

The possibility of using a large spot with a diameter of 24 mm during hair removal in the GentleLase Pro-U laser creates conditions for the operation of an area of 452.39 square mm per pulse. This is larger than any alexandrite laser.